Understanding Your Employees Biggest Health Insurance Complaints: Employee Benefit Plans

As we all know, the best way to improve your company’s productivity is to cultivate an environment of competent, healthy, happy employees. While this concept might seem simple, many companies experience challenges surrounding the satisfaction of their employees. Sound familiar?

To resolve these conflicts, many employers focus solely on providing in-office incentives and building collaboration among team members. While these options can improve employee satisfaction in the short term, a recent study by America’s Health Insurance Plan (AHIP), showed that 56% of employees considered whether they liked their company’s choice in health insurance plans as a key actor in their decision to stay at their current job.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), healthier employees often become happier and more productive employees. Greater employee efficiency, enhanced stamina, concentration, and focus of employees is seen because of improvements in physical, mental, and emotional health. Your employees’ ease of access to health care, or lack thereof, can greatly impact their retention, reliability, and consistency. While it may seem impossible for your business to negotiate a health insurance plan that suits your budget, while simultaneously fulfilling your employees’ desires, it is surprisingly simpler than you think. According to AHIP, prescription drug plans, emergency services and preventative/wellness care are the health care benefits that matter the most to your employees. Working within your budget to negotiate and optimize these aspects can improve the health and wellness of your staff and as a result, make a long-term positive impact on the productivity and loyalty of your employees.

At PSyn, Inc., we know how confusing it can be to navigate the health insurance marketplace. Over the next few blogs, we’ll be breaking down some of your employees’ most common questions and concerns with their health insurance plan. These concepts will begin equipping you with the resources you need to transform your company through improved employee satisfaction.

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