Leveraging 30 Years of Trusted Commercial and Government Health Insurance Expertise

For major institutions, enterprises, and government entities, the health of your people always comes first. That’s why our dedicated PSyn team delivers tailored health insurance guidance at scale.

The PSyn Advantage

With 30 years of contract negotiation, medication compliance, and clinical intervention experience, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to accelerate your team’s health care goals.

Our Core Competencies

We proudly serve the United States and beyond with 360° solutions for any sized operation. Our specialties include:

Employer-Sponsored Prescription Drug Benefit Support

Prescription drug coverage benefits are both costly and confusing. At the same time, employers want to make sure their people are taken care of. That’s where PSyn can help. We ensure that your benefit covers the right drugs without overcharges, hidden costs, or unnecessary spending.

Our solutions include:

Comprehensive PBM contract negotiations for more transparent and fair programs

Cost and utilization reviews to optimize pricing without sacrificing member benefits

Quality initiatives to assess and monitor and improve member outcomes

Request for Proposal (RFP) for PBM that accurately outlines your needs

Every step of the way, we put our employees first. No matter where you are located nationwide, we invite you to discover how our PSyn experts can streamline your pharmacy benefit program.

CMS Quality Star Rating Improvement Solutions

Achieving 4 stars or higher on the CMS Quality Star Rating System not only has the potential to save millions of dollars for your organization but also enhances the customer experience for your members. We leverage multimodal tactics to improve your star rating.

By tapping into our software, you can:

Secure upwards of $500 per member annually by achieving a 4+ star rating

Make improvements that lead to higher member enrollment, satisfaction, and retention

Increase CAHPS scores and capture data-driven client adherence results

We proudly service Subject Matter Experts, enterprises, large institutions, and government entities alike throughout the U.S. Discover how PSyn can improve your star rating today.

Clinical Intervention Services

Cost savings starts with the right interventions. Our meticulous PSyn team handles interventions on every level with the ultimate goal of improving employee health while reducing unnecessary spending. Throughout the process, we seek out actionable strategies that make a worthwhile impact.

Our high-touch high-quality approach includes:

  • PBM and health plan interventions to make meaningful changes that eliminate wasteful spending
  • Employee outreach to determine the right care while reducing costs
  • Physician outreach to support changes while ensuring continuity of care
  • Pharmacy outreach that promotes mutual understanding surrounding prescription modifications
    Our comprehensive approach to intervention empowers organizations to get the most out of their cost savings while upholding best-in-class care. Discover more today.