Clinical Interventions

Clinical Interventions Services

The right intervention strategy can save unnecessary spending while promoting greater employee well-being.
Our high touch high-quality approach makes a noteworthy difference on all levels.

Four Tier Outreach & Intervention

By working with PBM and health plans, consultants, members, physicians, and pharmacies, we ensure continuity of care and maximize your potential savings. Our intervention services include:

  • PBM, health plan, and consultant intervention that aligns your services based on tailored recommendations focused on eliminating unnecessary terms, coverage areas, and expenses.
  • Employee outreach that takes an individualized approach to your members, selecting cost-reducing plans that adapt to new treatments and maintain high-quality care.
  • Physician outreach to keep providers in the know for uninterrupted care and a clear, consistent, and transparent member experience.
  • Pharmacy outreach that keeps medications in line with care plans, ensuring that medications are available to fill prescriptions as intended.

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